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Since nearly the moment they met, David and Oscar have been inseparable. The couple first connected on Blued, in February 2013, while David was working for an English school in China. Neither of them were looking for a relationship at the time, they enjoyed texting each other and talking about different movies they wanted the other person to watch. Although neither one of them spoke the other person’s language, this was not an issue for them. ( Thanks to google translate) Finally, after 2 years they decided to meet in person in September 2015, in Tianjin, China. (It was the halfway point between their two cities) After a wonderful weekend vacay around Tianjin, They both returned home.
Without realizing it, Oscar said their lives began to weave together instantaneously. The third phone conversations became more in-depth about there future together. David started to study Chinese, which brought him even closer to Oscar. After a few months, Oscar decided to move to In with David. David felt he had found a kindred spirit in Oscar, Together they explored each other’s culture and even opened an American bistro together in China.”Moving in with David was one of the best decisions I have made in my life”, says Oscar.
After nearly 2 years together tragedy struck back home and David needed to move back to the USA. He proposed to Oscar and had to leave out the next day. “It was one of the saddest moments of our relationship.”, said David. It took nearly one year for the immigration department to grant Oscar’s fiancé Visa. During that one year, apart Oscar started to drawing Milo and Bobo for David to reminisce on the past 3 years together.
Milo and Bobo’s story is not only the story between the two founders of the brand but also between all people in love, love has many forms. Love is regardless of national boundaries or gender.
Written within this comic, is our story/ journey. We hope that our consumers can not only experience our story but also join us and share your story of love and acceptance.
We hope we have your support and thank you for visiting.

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